Winning Through Intimidation

In this Episode:

Tyler tries changing a segment, and talks about anime other than Yu-Gi-Oh! Jimmy got lost in the woods? Tyler can't remember the word "prolific", and we talk about the conclusion to Yugi's two-part duel with the eliminator "PaniK". It's one of those where a lot of time is spent not accomplishing much, you know the drill.

What is that danged fortress called? Do the same rules apply to all sky-based structures in this world? Is there anything on Pharaoh's great green earth that can bring us more joy than Catapult Turtle?

Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 15, "Winning Through Intimidation" official synopsis:

Yugi unleashes his trump card, the Swords of Revealing Light, which illuminate Panik's side of the field and unmask his monsters. Yugi eventually wins the duel (and by extension, Mai's star chips back) and soon dispatches Panik with his "Mind Crush" after the latter had tried to burn Yugi alive with the use of his flamethrowers. The American version was combined into one episode called "Panik Attack". All other countries received the episode in its two-part form, which was also released on VHS and DVD in the US, but it eventually aired on 4Kids TV on January 13, 2007.