Trial by Red Eyes

In this Episode:

In honor of Mother's Day, this week we're bringing in our first guest... a father. Friend of the show and ex-Yu-Gi-Oh!-expert Mac joins us to discuss the meta-physics of time wizards and dragons. Later on, we reminisce about the good old times (when this show was about a normal card game played by normal humans), discuss desert-island packing strategies, and imagine Joey Wheeler as a game show host.

Does anyone in the world of Yu-Gi-Oh understand what food is? Did the Time Wizard simulate the evolution of man? Is Bakura actually the Geico gecko? 

Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 12, "Trial by Red Eyes" official synopsis:

When Rex plays his powerful Red-Eyes Black Dragon, Joey has to figure out a way to counter it without Yugi's help. Joey's Time Wizard helps him defeat and eliminate Rex from the tournament, earning not only his star chips, but also his Red-Eyes as well via a bet that Rex had made with Joey during their duel. After the duel's conclusion, the group runs into their old friend Bakura and decide to have a friendly duel just for fun. However, Bakura reveals that he possess his own Millennium Item, the Millennium Ring, and an evil spirit within the Ring steals their souls so that he can take the Millennium Puzzle from Yugi.