The Wrath of Rebecca

In this Episode:

Just as Yugi & Co. get home from Duelist Kingdom, they find themselves launched into yet another duel! This duel is unlike any duel they’ve encountered before, because this time, the stakes are…

Absolutely nil.

Join us as we discuss our least-favorite brothers, the irresponsibility of a small child’s parents or guardians, and the beginning of the end of Season One.

This week’s recommendations:

  • Jimmy: Watch Star Trek Voyager

  • Tyler: Make your own “Special Sauce”

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 41, “The Wrath of Rebecca” Official Synopsis:

Upon returning home, Yugi is emotionally happy to see that his Grandpa has awaken from his coma thanks to his soul being restored by Pegasus and that Yugi himself is personally satisfied to know that his mission to save his Grandpa was a complete success. A few weeks later, Yugi and his friends soon meet a young girl named Rebecca Hawkins who demands that Yugi's Grandpa return his Blue-Eyes White Dragon to her. Rebecca claims that Yugi's Grandpa had stole the card from her own grandfather many years ago and challenges Yugi to a duel in an attempt to get it back.