The Scars of Defeat

In this Episode:

We wish Jimmy a happy early/late birthday! Kaiba returns! Joey continues to be a disappointment. LOL SAME, amirite? Join us as we reunite best frenemies, rekindle our love for Pegasus, and introduce the world to the man, the myth, the bandana: Bandit Keith. 

Is Sam the current King of Games? Will Kaiba get his groove back? Was developing a new mobile holographic system that cost millions of dollars really necessary, or is that just how he winds down? When Smash Bros. Ultimate comes out will our productivity drop to zero?

Well yes, the answer to that last question is yes. Definitely.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 16, "The Scars of Defeat" official synopsis:

When Kaiba turns up in Duelist Kingdom (intent on confronting Pegasus and rescuing Mokuba), Joey rashly challenges him to a duel but loses. Afterwards, Yugi and Bakura notice that Bakura's Millennium Ring is glowing and pointing straight towards Pegasus' Castle.