The Evil Eye Activates - Sacrifice

In this Episode:

C/W: This episode talks about death and mortality quite a bit. If that’s something that you’re uncomfortable with, you may want to cut out when we start discussing the episode.

THIS WEEK! We’re nearly there. 80% of the way through this five-part duel, and Pegasus has rewarded us with some fierce lewks. Join us for this ultra-chill hang sesh where Tyler loses his voice, and Jimmy feeds a cat. Oh, and we talk about Yu-Gi-Oh.

This week’s recommendations:

  • Jimmy: Read Saga

  • Tyler: Make up new insults, you brambling knop-wagons!

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 38, “The Evil Eye Activates - Sacrifice” Official Synopsis:

Yami Bakura is after Mokuba's body so that his evil spirit can possess it. Tristan, however, knocks out Yami Bakura and throws away the Millennium Ring containing the evil spirit into the forest below. Meanwhile, Pegasus summons Relinquished, a fearsome monster that uses its enemies as shields. Yugi crumples in a complete state of both fatigue and exhaustion, under the crippling strain of maintaining his own monsters in the Shadow Game. Joey, Téa, and Tristan all yell desperate encouragement in an attempt to help their friends out, but their own voices cannot penetrate the sphere of darkness. Yami Yugi is the only one who can duel now, but unfortunately, he is at the mercy of Pegasus' Millennium Eye.