The Dueling Monkey

In this Episode:

Tyler is starting to legitimately enjoy Duel Links! Jimmy calls the season 0 anime "Actually Good"! Later, we discuss an episode in which some choices were made, re: voice acting. Join us as we explore the psyche of the man known as the Dino Duelist, speculate about the dramatic timing of dueling arenas, and can't seem to remember that this episode is about Joey. And, look! Up in the sky! Who is that slithery beast? It's ya boi, Serpent Night Dragon. 

What is Tea doing here? Is Rex Raptor's voice actor okay? Are Yu-Gi-Oh duels just rap battles for people who can't rap? Is Tristan ever going to get his card back?

Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 11, "The Dueling Monkey" official synopsis:

Ever since Joey had defeated her from a while back, Mai realizes that she no longer enjoys dueling as much as she used to and vows to get revenge against Joey. When Rex Raptor challenges her to a duel, she says that she'll take him on, but only if he beats Joey first.