Shining Friendship

In this Episode:

Finally! Amidst a sea of multi-part, plot-laden episodes, our hard work and perseverance is rewarded with a duel-heavy episode in which not much happens. Listen in as Jimmy recaps our first all-female duel, Tyler forgets what jokes are, we do some live foley work, and learn the hard way that the rules of Duel Monsters really are just made up on the spot.

Apologies for the delay leading up to this episode! As we talk about at the beginning, with life events happening all at once lately, it's sometimes tough to set aside time to watch Yu-Gi-Oh. If that's not proof of being an adult, I don't know what is. You're the real Shining Friendship, and look forward to watching what is sure to be a great rest of the season with you. <3 

Could Shining Friendship have shot that bow and arrow? Is there a Duel Monsters rule book somewhere that no one's talked about yet? Is Grandpa going to be okay?!?!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 25, "Shining Friendship" official synopsis:

After losing half of his star chips to Kaiba, Yugi becomes depressed. He is also worried by the fact that Yami had wanted him to win the duel, even though it meant killing Kaiba. In a bid to help him, Téa, despite her lack of experience in Duel Monsters, volunteers to duel Mai, who has more than enough star chips to qualify for the finals and is more than willing to give her extra star chips to Yugi if Téa is able to defeat her. After a bad start, Téa eventually manages to win via Mai forfeiting the duel after seeing Téa's strong resolve and determination to help Yugi out and through this, Yugi is able to regain enough star chips so that he can enter Pegasus' castle while personally vowing to face and defeat Pegasus with his own strong resolve and determination.