Keith's Machinations: Part 2

In this Episode:

Welcome to Wednesdays, duelists! This week, Jimmy and Tyler spend a significant chunk of the intro talking Smash and Sonic, then enter into a duel-heavy episode that we actually liked! Listen in as we discuss the classic “duelist walks into a bar” scenario, friendship symbol tattoos, rampant censorship by 4Kids TV, and Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon. That’s right, we’re going metal.

What makes Keith a “Bandit”? Does Pegasus’s discretion know no bounds? Will anyone ever acknowledge that card-carrying serial killer Bad-kura is IN THIS VERY ROOM?

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 32, “Keith’s Machinations: Part 2" official synopsis:

Joey transforms his Red-Eyes Black Dragon into the Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon, enabling him to take out the strongest Monster in Bandit Keith's deck, the Barrel Dragon, but Joey still has to deal with Bandit Keith's Slot Machine, in which Bandit Keith is powering up with the 7 Completed magic cards he has hidden under his right wristband. Joey emerges triumphant against Bandit Keith, who is then thrown out of the castle and dropped into the ocean for cheating.