Keith's Machinations: Part 1

In this Episode:

We’re back in the multi-part saddle, as Joey prepares to duel everyone’s favorite intercontinental champion: Bandit Keith! Join us as we recommend some fine media content for you, discuss Dual Duel Verification, and make a pitch for Everybody Loves Flame Swordsman. Later, we analyze Joey and Mai’s very real character development, and continue to speculate on whether the rules of Duel Monsters are an oral tradition. Plus, the return of Pepper!

Brief content warning for discussions of American politics and the finality of all things, right up front. If you would rather avoid those things, skip to the 4:45 mark.

Will Bandit Keith ever be promoted to Highwayman Keith? Are we finally done calling Joey a dog? Did Yu-Gi-Oh accidentally stumble upon the formula for prototypical “american" music?

Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 31, “Keith’s Machinations: Part 1" official synopsis:

Just minutes before he is due to duel Bandit Keith in the second match of the Duelist Kingdom tournament's semi-finals, Joey finds that his entry card is missing. Unaware that Bandit Keith had secretly stole it from last night, Joey runs back to his room so that he can look for it to no avail. Just when it seems that all hope is lost for Joey, Mai unexpectedly gives him her entry card right before her departure from Duelist Kingdom and the duel itself is able to go ahead.