Journey to the Duelist Kingdom

In this Episode:

The journey begins (continues?)! Yugi and friends board the boat to Duelist Kingdom, an island where presumably some dueling will happen. Listen in as we become re-acquainted with old friend Weevil Underwood, and skeeved out by new friend Mai Valentine.

Does Yugi blink? Will Rex Raptor ever find love? How tall is anyone anyway? All this and more on this week's episode of You Activated My Podcast!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 3, "Journey to the Duelist Kingdom" Official Synopsis:

When the time comes to head off to the Duelist Kingdom, Yugi is ready and determined to save his Grandpa's soul from Pegasus. Yugi gives up one of his own star chips to Joey so that he can join up with Yugi and board the boat bound for Duelist Kingdom, his reason being is that he wants to duel in the tournament so that he can attempt to save his young sister, Serenity's failing eyesight. Meanwhile, Téa and Tristan stowaway to join their friends, making sure to not get caught by the security guards. When word spreads throughout the entire boat that Yugi was the one who had defeated the World Champion Kaiba, the cunning cheat Weevil Underwood tries to cripple Yugi's deck by tossing his Exodia cards overboard just as they reach the island.