Give up the Ghost

In this Episode:

We get some real-life news and corrections: is Elon Musk building his own Blue Eyes White Jet? How much time did the 4Kids spend painting guns out of this season? Later on, we discuss the true nature of "ghost" Kaiba, the inexplicable layout of Kaiba's hackerspace, and an incredible dense episode full of nonsense.

Can we make any sense of this duel? Is the only way to defeat Blue Eyes White Dragon a combination of hacking and/or magic? Has Kaiba finally learned the way of the Heart of the Cards? Will Pegasus ever stop being so fancy?

Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 10, "Give up the Ghost" official synopsis:

Through both luck and faith, Yugi is able to defeat the Blue-Eyes White Dragon with his Dark Magician, but his victory is soon cut short when Kaiba's "ghost" quickly unleashes a second Blue-Eyes and annihilates the Dark Magician with ease. Despite this, Yugi manages to win the duel in the end and uses his "Mind Crush" to send the fake ghost back to the Shadow Realm.