Fusion of Light and Darkness - Black Chaos Descends

In this Episode:

It’s the end of an era! Well, at least the end of a five-part episode. Join us as we celebrate the end of a movie-length duel with arguably the most exciting— and strangely disgusting— episode of Yu-Gi-Oh yet. Jimmy loved it, Tyler hated it, and Bakura stole the whole damn thing. This is a whole new game!

This week’s recommendations:

  • Jimmy: Listen to Beats Antique!

  • Tyler: Watch Jeopardy!

  • Lauren: Watch Countdown!

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 39, “Fusion of Light and Darkness - Black Chaos Descends” Official Synopsis:

Pegasus' Relinquished has captured Yugi's Dark Magician, and his time bomb monster is ready to blow it to bits and take out the rest of Yugi's life points. However, Yami Yugi captures Relinquished using a Mind Control card. Then, with the last card Yugi played face-down, he performs a Dark Magic Ritual, sacrificing the Dark Magician as well as Pegasus' time bomb to summon the Magician of Black Chaos. Pegasus counters by fusing Relinquished with Thousand Eyes Idol, creating Thousand Eyes Restrict. The Thousand Eyes Restrict paralyzes the Magician of Black Chaos, but Yami Yugi uses Kuriboh combined with his Multiply magic card. The Kuribohs explode on contact, blinding Thousand Eyes Restrict and freeing the Magician of Black Chaos to attack. Yami Yugi destroys Thousand Eyes Restrict and ends the duel as the victor. While Yugi, Joey, Téa, and Tristan celebrate the former's triumphant victory, Pegasus silently slips away and releases the spirits that he had stolen, honoring his word of the agreement that he had made with Yugi right before the start of their duel. Bakura is seemingly back to normal and volunteers to take care of an unconscious Mokuba while the others go look and search for Pegasus.