Final Duel! Yugi vs. Pegasus

In this Episode:

Finally, when it seemed like we were nearing the end at last, they go and turn this duel into a five-parter. Join us as we discuss the first of many episodes in which a grown man with magical powers threatens to kill a literal child in order to obtain a tacky puzzle box… just as soon as they play this card game.

This week’s recommendations:

We’re getting into the final stretch of this season! Will we make it? Will you? Will Yugi? Tune in now to find out!

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 35, “Final Duel! Yugi vs. Pegasus” Official Synopsis:

Yugi prepares himself for his long-awaited and fated battle against Pegasus with the souls of Grandpa, Kaiba, and Mokuba on the line. Meanwhile, Tristan and Bakura infiltrate the castle to find the Kaiba brothers in an attempt to cripple Pegasus' current plan.