Face Off, Part 3

In this Episode:

*slaps top of duel* This bad boy can fit so many Kuribohs in it.

This week, Jimmy talks about his side-gig! Tyler talks about something boring! Then, we get into discussing the final part of the duel between Kaiba and Yugi. Things get... surprisingly metal, and emotional? We talk mammoth chest-bursters, fusing zombies to non-zombies, infinite versions of tiny creatures, and brand new strategies that we're convinced Yugi pulled out of his ass.

Later, we wax poetic about Link, the Hero of Time, and remind you all to please please please stop touching Millennium Items. They WILL possess you.

Does anyone actually know how Polymerization works? Did Kaiba get his evil groove back? Would Big Yugi duel a man in Reno, just to watch him die?

Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 24, "Face Off, Part 3" official synopsis:

Yugi plays a Kuriboh/Multiply combo to protect his Life Points and uses his Living Arrow and Polymerization magic cards to fuse his Mammoth Graveyard to Kaiba's Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon. This causes the Ultimate Dragon to decay and lose Attack points until it is weak enough for Yugi to attack. Refusing to lose from within a desperate state, Kaiba unexpectedly stands on a turret and warns Yugi that if he attacks, the impact force of the monsters battling will knock Kaiba off the castle and kill him. An internal conflict soon takes place between Yugi and Yami Yugi which causes the real Yugi to quickly stop his Celtic Guardian from attacking the Ultimate Dragon, enabling Kaiba to swiftly counterattack and win the duel so that he can gain the right to face Pegasus.