Face Off, Part 1

In this Episode:

Hot on the heels of a terrible three-parter, we endeavor into the gaping maw of yet another three-parter! Sadly, this one stars neither John Travolta nor Nicholas Cage, but we'll muddle through somehow. Join us in media res as we talk about Tyler's weird mouth sounds, our favorite non-Yu-Gi-Oh pastimes, Jimmy's new podcast, and an actually decent episode.

Have we uncovered further proof that Mokuba is color-blind? Has Kaiba actually just been making really big Beyblades? Can anything defeat the sheer naming power of our card of the week? 

Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 22, "Face Off, Part 1" official synopsis:

Arriving at Pegasus' castle, Yugi and the others are confronted by Kaiba, who challenges Yugi to a duel as a part of Pegasus' past ultimatum towards Kaiba. As the two duelists face off on the castle roof, Kaiba hatches a plan to fuse all three of his Blue-Eyes White Dragons and create the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.