Dungeon Dice Monsters: Part 1

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Join us as we dive into the deep end of Yu-Gi-Oh shipping, discuss the dashed hopes of seeing a new game this episode, and get into the mixed-up crazy world of Konami integrated marketing schemes! Also: Hot Grandpa?

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 46, “Dungeon Dice Monsters: Part 1” Official Synopsis:

A new student named Duke Devlin defeats Joey in a game of Duel Monsters and forces Joey to become his reluctant servant. Duke orders Joey to wear a dog costume and humiliates him in public, leading Yugi to challenge Duke to a duel in order to free Joey from his enslavement. Duke accepts Yugi's challenge, but tells him that instead of playing Duel Monsters, the two of them will be playing a game called Dungeon Dice Monsters, which Duke created himself.