Duel with a Ghoul

In this Episode:

We've survived 9 episodes and a movie, and we're here to celebrate! We wish a happy belated birthday to everyone's favorite dueling dunce Tristan Taylor, check out merch from the official Yu-Gi-Oh! store, and look at the careers of voice actors on various versions of the show.

Later on, we discuss the true nature of Duelist Kingdom's virtual reality network, Kemo's ghoul puns, and the validity of a plan that includes crashing a satellite into a major metropolitan area. As the saying goes: when in doubt, hack the planet. 

Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 9, "Duel with a Ghoul" official synopsis:

In order to save Mokuba from the current danger, Yami Yugi must duel a person claiming to be the ghost of Kaiba, betting his last three star chips on the match. Meanwhile, the real Kaiba, who is revealed to have survived his dangerous fall into the ocean after a sudden and unexpected confrontation with two of Pegasus' henchmen, enters into one of his secret labs to gather information. Kaiba hacks into Pegasus' computer mainframe to find Yugi so that he can make sure he doesn't lose after learning and knowing that Yugi's potential loss to Pegasus would enable Pegasus to gain control over KaibaCorp.