Duel Identities: Part 2

In this Episode:

We’re back (for real)! Tyler finally has internet and a proper audio setup, so we’re back in action with a full, real episode for you. Although, in true YAMPod fashion, we royally fouled up the planning on this one. So you get to listen to Jimmy watching this week’s episode in real time. Pobody’s nerfect!

Listen in as we discuss an episode in which Mai continues to be the only competent one in the room, Little Yugi forgets what cards done do, and Big Yugi does it again! Witness the return of Tyler’s England-induced cough (or podcasting curse?), Jimmy’s live read of the episode, and our long overdue (or just long) catching up and talking about our various travels.

Will our podcast be affected by Brexit? Will another competent character rise up to replace Mai? Can we completely recast Yu-Gi-Oh as characters from Arthur?

Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 30, “Duel Identites: Part 2" official synopsis:

After Yugi and Yami Yugi make an internal compromise to each other and vow to work together as a team, Yugi starts to make a comeback against Mai, taking control of her Harpie's Pet Dragon and using his own Catapult Turtle to fire it at her Mirror Wall. Mai multiplies her Harpie Lady and revives Harpie's Pet Dragon, which gets a power boost for every Harpie Lady in play. Yugi manages to summon the Black Luster Soldier and defeats Mai from within their duel via Mai surrendering, sending Yugi straight to the finals of the Duelist Kingdom tournament.