Duel Identities: Part 1

In this Episode:

Heads up, the audio on this one is fun and interesting! Tyler’s flat doesn’t have wifi yet, AND his primary microphone gave up the ghost, so we’re trying something very, very different this week.

Listen in as we discuss repeated words repeating words, Mai’s continued competence, and Little Yugi’s inner struggle against Big Yugi. Plus, a seasonally-appropriate card of the week!

Will we ever figure out our audio issues? Will Yugi let Big Yugi play the children’s card game? What does Joey need the money for, again?

Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 29, “Duel Identites: Part 1" official synopsis:

The semi-finals begin, with Yugi facing off against Mai. Yugi is still emotionally affected by his duel with Kaiba and Mai appears to be winning the duel via Yugi's internal struggle with Yami Yugi.