Champion vs. Creator: Part 2

In this Episode:

Coming to you live from a six-year-old’s bedroom, we finally found an appropriate setting to talk about this children’s card game TV show. Listen in as we read messages from our listeners, discuss another duel-heavy (but blessfully Pegasus-centric) episode, and introduce our new favorite characters: Funny Bunny and Ruff Gruff McDogg!

Join us on our journey into Toon World, where we discover both kinds of puns, and confront the reality that Pegasus does what he wants. Blue Eyes White Dragon’s pride is stolen! Tyler discusses tattoo ideas! Then, Kaiba proves that he can look equally moody no matter what dimension is soul is trapped in.

Will Jimmy be judged for his Starbucks order? Will the Kaiba brothers be okay, or will Pegasus use them in his next tournament deck? Will Yugi’s friends EVER accept that magic exists???

Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 27, “Champion vs. Creator: Part 2" official synopsis:

Pegasus unleashes his secret weapon, the Toon World card, which he uses to turn one of Kaiba's Blue-Eyes White Dragons into the Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon. When Kaiba tries to counter with one of his other Blue-Eyes, it emerges that Toon Monsters have the ability to dodge any attack. Faced with a card so powerful that it was never put into circulation, Kaiba loses the duel and ends up having his own soul stolen by Pegasus..