BONUS: The One with the Yo-Yo's!

In this Episode:

The holiday season is upon us! In this first of two special holiday bonus episodes, we’re bringing you a long-awaited entry from Yu-Gi-Oh’s fabled “Season 0”: Explosion! The Ultimate Secret Yo-Yo Technique! Listen in as Tyler rants about his favorite music of all time, Jimmy dishes out the best one-liners we’ve had yet, and we kick back and ring in the holidays with what has quickly become one of our favorite episodes of television.

Next week, we’ll be counting down our Top Five Cards of 2018, looking back at the year and covering all of our favorite cards that we’ve talked about so far. Then, we’ll pit them against each other to determine which card reigned supreme in 2018!

As part of our search for the best card of the year, we want you to write to us! Tell us about any cards that have really stuck out to you from this year’s episodes, either from the show itself, or our random card of the week, or any other bullshit that comes out of our mouths! Anything written to us before this Saturday will be read on the show!

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