BONUS: Clash! The Strongest Monster

In this Episode:

If you thought we struggled with recalling episodes we had just watched, just wait until Tyler tries to remember this episode he watched a week ago! This week, we’re back into the original series for some green-haired Kaiba goodness.

Also, it was said as a joke at first, but we’re serious: Send us your Yu-Gi-Oh! fan-fiction! We’re still figuring out how we’re going to be recording with an ocean between us, so we may be slim on episodes coming up. If you send us a fan-fiction that you’ve written, Tyler will read it as a bonus episode!

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Yu-Gi-Oh!, “Clash! The Strongest Monster" official synopsis:

Seto Kaiba, a new student in Yugi's class is a Duel Monsters expert and the head of a company known as the Kaiba Corporation. After he steals the Blue-Eyes White Dragon from Yugi's grandfather, Yugi's other self challenges Kaiba to a duel where the monsters from the cards are real. The game ends in a tie, and Yugi gets his Grandpa's card back.