Attacks Ineffective?! The Invincible Toon Army

In this Episode:

It’s a duel-heavy episode, and you know what that means! That means that we spend too much of the intro talking about floppy disks and Disney Channel originals, before diving into a magical world where everyone is in denial about magic. It’s not just a river in (ancient) Egypt!

This week’s recommendations:

Thanks to Thomas for providing some trivia this week! Maybe one day we’ll finally get to the bottom of Yugi’s pants mystery.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 36, “Attacks Ineffective? The Invincible Toon Army” Official Synopsis:

Pegasus punishes Yugi by using the same Toon Deck and mind-reading abilities that he had previously used on Kaiba. As Pegasus turns Yugi's monsters against him, Yugi loses both the will and resolve to battle. Yugi is personally worried that Pegasus might seal his soul into a card, just like what he had done before to both Kaiba and Mokuba.