Arena of Lost Souls, Part 2

In this Episode:

We discover Pepper's true podcast calling! Join us as we look up Yu-Gi-Oh videogame speedruns, bring the conversation back to Beyblade (again, somehow), and dive back into the zombie horde. Joey finally finishes his duel against Bonz, and we're reminded that being a bad guy isn't about what you look like on the outside-- it's about whether or not your name is Bandit Keith. 

Meanwhile, Tristan punches a rock! Bakura is bad at dungeoneering! Yugi plays the friendship card! If you were looking for any episode to jump into season 1 with, boy howdy do they spend a lot of this one re-summarizing the plot. Welcome to Yu-Gi-Oh!

Did Pegasus have a past life as an Imagineer? Will Tristan's string of great one-liners ever end? Hey kid, wanna buy some cards?

Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 18, "Arena of Lost Souls, Part 2" official synopsis:

Joey is fighting a losing battle against Bonz's Zombie Monsters, who have the ability to come back to life and become much stronger whenever they're destroyed. Yugi and the others are determined to find Joey and soon reunites with him in due time. Despite the odds stacked against him, Joey manages to win the duel against Bonz.