Arena of Lost Souls, Part 1

In this Episode:

Jimmy does an offensive accent! Tyler gets excited about speedrunning, and proves that he knows nothing about video games! Later, we discuss the first of two very spoOoOoOoky parts! Join us as we get introduced to Bandit Keith, Bonz, Sid, and Zigor-- four characters that we will definitely remember the names of in the future. Who could forget our old friends Zlid, BonBon, and Ichor? 

Is Bonz okay? Did Bandit Keith build an unlicensed arena on Duelist Kingdom? Is Joey maybe a cat person? Seriously though, is Bonz okay?

Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 17, "Arena of Lost Souls, Part 1" official synopsis:

Still smarting from his defeat by Kaiba, Joey vows to prove that he isn't a "whimpering dog" and ends up being forced into a duel with Bonz, one of a gang of duelists led by the ruthless Bandit Keith.