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Not. My. Department!

This week’s recommendations:

  • Jimmy: Get a flu shot!

  • Tyler: Wear an eye patch!

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 40, “Aftermath” Official Synopsis:

Pegasus is found badly injured with his Millennium Eye missing. Tea reads Pegasus' diary and the gang learns on how Pegasus had got his Millennium Eye and the reason of why he had held the Duelist Kingdom tournament. A mysterious Egyptian soon shows up looking for the person that had stolen Pegasus' Millennium Eye. Seeing that Yugi has a Millennium item as well, he thinks that he might be responsible. The Egyptian uses his Millennium Key to enter into Yugi's mind. There he finds two chambers; one is covered in children's toys, while the other is mysterious, disconcerting and confusing. When the Egyptian falls victim to a trap in the latter chamber, Yugi comes to his rescue. The two journey deeper and are confronted by the Dark Magician. Yugi commands him to back down, causing the Egyptian to realize that Yugi is "the Chosen One". The Egyptian soon departs leaving Yugi with his name, Shadi, as well as questions about the seven Millennium Items. The Kaiba brothers are later reunited with Kaiba thanking Yugi and his friends for helping him and Mokuba out. As everyone leaves the island, it is soon revealed that Yami Bakura had found his way back to his host and challenged Pegasus to a Shadow Game and took his Millennium Eye, and that the real Bakura had no memory of the possession, with Yami Bakura secretly promising that he will have his personal vengeance towards Yami Yugi.