“Writing is easy. You only need to stare at a piece of blank paper until your forehead bleeds.”

- Douglas Adams

This book is equal parts role-playing game, and a collection of writing prompts. While writing your story, you will also be playing the role of the protagonist. Similar to games like Dungeons & Dragons or Apocalypse World, that role comes with a social contract. In general, that contract states that you should be nice to others, to play honestly, and think and act like you believe your character would. Unlike those games, however, here you are the only player, and your only real responsibility is to yourself. Write freely, wherever you’re most comfortable, and refer back to this book as needed. 

You play the role of the Lyric, a wandering scribe of an ancient order. As part of an initiation rite, the Lyric must go out into the world and compose their own Sonnet, which will be added to the tapestry of That Which is Known. The Sonnet is composed of 14 lines, each line breathed from the life of the world that the Lyric discovers. The Sonnet is not mere words, it is colors and shapes and smells and feelings that stem from the life force of the world-- at once preserving and enriching it. As the Lyric travels, the people and places they interact with will help build the Sonnet, helping to grow and shape it into something worthy of That Which is Known. 

Lyrics, Sonnets, and That Which is Known