Michael Sands’ Monster of the Week is one of my favorite tabletop games, especially of those made in the Powered by the Apocalypse style.

Because I am me, and can’t leave well enough alone, I’ve written a number of hacks and unofficial playbooks for the game, which you can find and download copies of using the links below.


This was initially developed as a Sprawl hack that you can find around here somewhere, for a solo game that Lauren and I still haven’t gotten around to running. The playbook is one page, kept intentionally small so you can jump straight into Gotham. [link]


For those times when you want to do whatever a spider can, in your Monster of the Week game! Follows a format similar to the Batman playbook, so you can pair them up for some sweet Baman/Piderman action. [link]


This is slightly closer to a full-on hack for Monster of the Week, bringing the system into the Kanto region. Includes a Pokémon Trainer playbook, as well as basic rules for dealing with the 151 original pokémon. [link]

The Amazing Screw-On Head

Based on an unfortunately failed pilot from the mind of Mike Mignola, this playbook brings to life one of my favorite characters: The Amazing Screw-On Head! The single-page playbook was originally designed for Jeff Stormer, fellow Screw-On Head apologist and host of the wonderful Party of One podcast. [link]