10. Christopher Postill's Greasy Breakfast Sandwich

Listening to Sounds Like An Earful is like eating at a local diner. You know the one: burnt coffee, slightly runny scrambled eggs poured over a mound of hash browns and pancakes, next to three strips of the the thickest bacon you've ever seen in your life. The waitress knows you by name-- come to think of it, so do the other three people here. How long have you been coming here? It doesn't matter. Anyway, that's what the show feels like.  
Out of a small fishing village in Nova Scotia, graphic designer Christopher Postill started Sounds Like An Earful as way to motivate himself to make new music every week, and argue with his friend Colleen (you'll hear both in every episode). It's a show about asking big questions, and taking whatever answers may (or may not) come your way. It is, as the show's tagline says, "Astutely dumb." I chatted with Christopher over the weekend, and despite it being a wonderful interview, technology finally failed me, which you'll hear a little bit of in this episode. Audacity, which usually records the Skype side of the conversation, completely failed on me, and recorded an hour of silence. Not great radio.  
Christopher is a super fun and friendly guy, it was really a pleasure getting to talk with him. To make it up to you all, I asked him if he'd mind us playing an episode from Sounds Like An Earful, and he obliged. So we'll be doing something a little different this week! You'll be hearing the episode "In the Bush, Choppin' Wood" in which Christopher and Colleen explore what it means to be a "manly man." The episode is from the "way back" in series one of the podcast (which is now in series three, which is themed around "The Homestead"), but it really gets the feel of the show across. If you like what you hear, the show only gets better! As a self-described "recovering hermit," Christopher's goal with the show (other than making music) was always to create community, and talk with cool people about the important things in life. Listening to that adventure feels like making new friends, or possibly getting re-acquainted with old ones.