08. Craig Shank and George Drake's Tuna Melt

Everything Sounds is a show all about sound hosted by Craig Shank and George Drake. They ask questions like, "How is the sound in this room affecting my dining experience?" or "Why does that whale sound so lonely?" or "What have people believed about sounds over time?" George and Craig have a great love of radio and the power of sound, and their show takes its listeners on a journey that follows their curiosity into the many sounds that surround us.

It's actually really difficult to explain without listening to it, so go listen to it.

While this is our Thanksgiving episode, it isn't Thanksgiving themed! Craig and George were very generous with their time and I am thankful (see what I did there?) to have had the chance to chat with them about where they got started, how they produce a show a timezone apart, ´╗┐and more. I had a blast talking with them, and I think you'll really enjoy the show. So hop to it!

As always, shoot me an email at tyler [at] fortheloveofpodcasts [dot] com

Happy Thanksgiving!