02. Jason Snell's Overstuffed Sub

Welcome to episode two! 
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This week's episode is an interview with Jason Snell. Jason is a very prolific tech writer and podcaster, you can currently find his writing at sixcolors.com, and his podcasts pretty much anywhere on the internet. He runs The Incomparable Network, a network of pop-culture-minded podcasts at TheIncomparable.com, and he hosts two additional podcasts over on Relay.FM

Show Notes:
- Jason wrote a pretty good piece about working for and leaving Macworld for The Verge, as part of their Macworld retrospective.
- Jason is on: "The Incomparable," "Upgrade", "Clockwise", "Total Party Kill", "TeeVee", and "TV Talk Machine"
- 5by5 is a podcast network found at http://5by5.tv
- Relay FM is another podcast network which hosts shows like Upgrade, Clockwise and The Pen Addict. It can be found at http://relay.fm
- The Incomparable Network's website has a really awesome topic index
- The "1,000 True Fans" theory was coined by Kevin Kelly, publishing of Cool Tools and founding editor of Wired Magazine. Kevin recently spoke at XOXO in Portland about those things. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1cmnizKPlk)

Episodes from Jason's podcasts that we talked about:
- You Need an Agent of Chaos (The Incomparable Ep. 213)
- A MacGyver in the Making (The Incomparable Ep. 212)
- These Are All Good Ideas (The Incomparable Ep. 211)
- Princess Indiana Jones (The Incomparable Ep. 102) 
- Top Men (Incomparable Ep. 8) 

- Blue Yeti ($106 on Amazon)
- The Incomparable's Gear Page is amazing. (http://theincomparable.com/gear)

What Jason's listening to:
- The Flophouse
- Accidental Tech Podcast
- The Bugle
- Random Trek
- The Audio Guide to Babylon 5
- Verity
- LOST Rewatch Podcast
- The X-Files Files

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