01. Jeff Rubin's Bologna & Pickles

Holy shit, it’s a podcast! Welcome to episode one of For the Love of Pod[casts], a podcast about podcasts and how people make them. This week, I had the immense pleasure of having a Skype conversation Jeff Rubin of the Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show all about his show, how it got started roughly three years ago, and all the things that go into making it such a great show. If you haven’t heard of Jeff Rubin, I recommend starting at episode 3 of his podcast, and going from there. He interviews people who, as he puts it in this episode, “you didn’t know you wanted to hear.” Check out the show’s website (http://jeffrubinjeffrubinshow.com) and follow him on twitter at @JeffRubinShow. You will not regret it. 

This is my first podcast episode ever, and a lot of my nervousness shows in the episode. There were a lot of things that I learned just making it, and even now I can tell you that the podcast will only improve from here. If you have comments or questions about the show and how it’s made, get a hold of me on Twitter at @loveofpodcasts, or email me at tyler@fortheloveofpodcasts.com.

Show Notes:
- I had a brain-fart while recording the outro, and mis-spoke when I said his twitter handle. It is @JeffRubinShow, NOT @jeffrubin. I will be fixing that today.
- Jeff’s College Humor interview w/ the quadriplegic gamer is titled "Nerd Alert: Enabling Disabled Gamers” (http://www.collegehumor.com/video/6537364/nerd-alert-enabling-disabled-gamers)
- Archived enhanced episodes of the podcast are available on Jeff’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/jeffrubinjeffrubin
- We talked about Alec Baldwin’s discontinued podcast “Here’s the Thing,” which you can still find on iTunes.
- A correction: Jesse Thorn’s catchphrase is “Every great radio host has a signature sign-off."

Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show Episodes We Talked About:
- Settlers of Catan Creator Klaus Teuber (Episode #16)
- US Memory Champion (Episode #94)
- Game of Thrones Linguist David Peterson (Episode #30) 
- Legends of the Hidden Temple host Kirk Fogg (Episode #5)
- Weird Al’s Manager Jay Levey (Episode #61)
- Scott of Scott’s Pizza Tours (Episode #3)

- Jeff previously used Final Cut Pro, and now uses Adobe Premiere to edit his shows
- Jeff uses a Shure 87A for himself (it’s good with middle/low toned voices) & SM58s for his guests. 
- Jeff previously used a Zoom H4 and a small mixer for recording podcasts, and now uses a Zoom H6. The H6 allows for more flexibility when producing a show, as it has gain knobs for each of the four inputs, as opposed to the clicky controls for the H4’s two inputs.

What Jeff’s Listening To:
- WTF with Marc Maron
- You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes
- Kumail Nanjiani’s The X-Files Files
- Savage Lovecast
- The Dissolve
- The Daily Show
- Slate’s many podcasts
- Streeter Seidell’s The Talk of Shame
- 99% Invisible
- The Pen Addict
- Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Some Audio Nerd Notes:
- There is some road noise in the background. Streets happen, get over it.
- There is a little bit of popping towards the end, which I believe were created by either Skype or Audacity. Shut up, audio nerds! I’ll figure it out for the next episode.

Super special thanks again to Lauren Lark for all the artwork used for the show! Her website is http://laurenlarkphoto.com