11. Julie Sabatier's BLPT

Julie Sabatier has the rocking blue hair and head for journalism that I can only wish I was on the level of-- and both come out strong in Destination DIY (http://destinationdiy.org), her monthly podcast.
Well, okay, you can't actually hear the blue hair on the show, but you can imagine that it's there, and I would argue that it makes the experience better. 
Destination DIY is not a how-to podcast: no one will be reading you recipes, no tips will be given for herb gardening in tiny apartments, nor diagrams for hip barn weddings. Destination DIY is a celebration of the people in this world who take unique problems into their own hands. That means episodes of the show include home-made space suits, being your own barber, challenging the status quo of the medical system, and so on ad infinitum. The folks featured on Destination DIY are sweet, genuine people who want not for notoriety, but just had to scratch that itch to... travel around the world without engines, for instance. The show is filled with people you'd want to be friends with, and the theme song will get stuck in your head for days.
We recorded this interview in The Map Room (http://www.themaproomstudio.com), a small music and voice-over studio tucked away into southeast Portland. Super special thanks to Kris White for taking such great care of us there. If you're looking for a great (if easy-to-miss) spot to record, give these guys a call. 
This is the last episode of For the Love of Pod[casts] for 2014! I'm going to be taking a break for the holidays to change up the show a little. We will be moving to a once-a-month model-- episodes will come out at the end of each month, and will be a little longer than usual and a lot better than usual. I'll be changing up my usual interview format and editing in original music, some storytelling, some wordplay, and spending more time in general to create a great show for you. In 2015 I will also be making more podcasts, which I will keep you up-to-date on here. We're looking forward to a podcast about Sonic the Hedgehog, a show dedicated to riffing on CW's Arrow, a role-playing show... there are lots of ideas in the works. 
If you're missing FTLOP over the holidays, you're in luck! Did you know that the Talking Head Podcasts Network hosts #ForTheLoveOfPod (http://talkingheadpodcasts.com/fortheloveofpodhome/)? Every week, Jake features a new podcast that you should be listening to. They're creating a great collaborative community over there, and it's worth diving into. The THP network features other great podcasts that you should be listening to anyway, so feel free to let #FTLOP fill that void for you until the new year. 
I'm also starting up a new project: NOISE & SIGNAL (http://noiseandsignal.com), an internet experiment based on the tilde.club model designed to give podcasters and curious people a place to create a website that is all their own. Go there, check out the member pages, sign up to get involved. 
Alright, those are some long show notes! Sorry (not sorry), it was necessary. You're worth it, you foxy podcast listener. I'll be back at the end of January, 2015 with a great new episode for you. If you haven't subscribed to the podcast on iTunes yet, doing so will help you stay up to date. As always, reach out to me on Twitter at @loveofpodcasts, or over the emails: tyler@fortheloveofpodcasts.com
Happy Holidays!

10. Christopher Postill's Greasy Breakfast Sandwich

Listening to Sounds Like An Earful is like eating at a local diner. You know the one: burnt coffee, slightly runny scrambled eggs poured over a mound of hash browns and pancakes, next to three strips of the the thickest bacon you've ever seen in your life. The waitress knows you by name-- come to think of it, so do the other three people here. How long have you been coming here? It doesn't matter. Anyway, that's what the show feels like.  
Out of a small fishing village in Nova Scotia, graphic designer Christopher Postill started Sounds Like An Earful as way to motivate himself to make new music every week, and argue with his friend Colleen (you'll hear both in every episode). It's a show about asking big questions, and taking whatever answers may (or may not) come your way. It is, as the show's tagline says, "Astutely dumb." I chatted with Christopher over the weekend, and despite it being a wonderful interview, technology finally failed me, which you'll hear a little bit of in this episode. Audacity, which usually records the Skype side of the conversation, completely failed on me, and recorded an hour of silence. Not great radio.  
Christopher is a super fun and friendly guy, it was really a pleasure getting to talk with him. To make it up to you all, I asked him if he'd mind us playing an episode from Sounds Like An Earful, and he obliged. So we'll be doing something a little different this week! You'll be hearing the episode "In the Bush, Choppin' Wood" in which Christopher and Colleen explore what it means to be a "manly man." The episode is from the "way back" in series one of the podcast (which is now in series three, which is themed around "The Homestead"), but it really gets the feel of the show across. If you like what you hear, the show only gets better! As a self-described "recovering hermit," Christopher's goal with the show (other than making music) was always to create community, and talk with cool people about the important things in life. Listening to that adventure feels like making new friends, or possibly getting re-acquainted with old ones. 

09. Noise and Signal

This week's episode is going to be a little different. If you've been listening to the show, you've realized that I ask a lot of the people I interview the same question: what do you recommend for people who want to make podcasts? At first, this was purely selfish, as I continue to be very much on the "amateur" end of the spectrum. But, after even just a few episodes, I started to notice an important trend that I wanted to share with you all. 

So that's what this episode's all about: we're going to look at some of my past interviews, and begin to answer the big questions: why, when, and how to start your own podcast.

Special thanks to the people who made this episode possible: Jeff Rubin, Jason Snell, Daniel Cordova, Stephen Schleicher, Darvin Graham, Lauren Lark, Niels de Hoog, Katie Macoy, George Drake and Craig Shank. New interviews are starting again next week! 

If you have just started making a podcast, please consider dropping me a line! tyler [at] fortheloveofpodcasts [dot] com. I'd love to talk with you about how it's going. 

08. Craig Shank and George Drake's Tuna Melt

Everything Sounds is a show all about sound hosted by Craig Shank and George Drake. They ask questions like, "How is the sound in this room affecting my dining experience?" or "Why does that whale sound so lonely?" or "What have people believed about sounds over time?" George and Craig have a great love of radio and the power of sound, and their show takes its listeners on a journey that follows their curiosity into the many sounds that surround us.

It's actually really difficult to explain without listening to it, so go listen to it.

While this is our Thanksgiving episode, it isn't Thanksgiving themed! Craig and George were very generous with their time and I am thankful (see what I did there?) to have had the chance to chat with them about where they got started, how they produce a show a timezone apart, and more. I had a blast talking with them, and I think you'll really enjoy the show. So hop to it!

As always, shoot me an email at tyler [at] fortheloveofpodcasts [dot] com

Happy Thanksgiving!

07. Podcats with Niels de Hoog & Katie Macoy

We're back! Thanks for bearing with me through that week of silence. As luck would have it, I got sick on my first day of vacation, and promptly spread it to Lauren, so we were both out of commission and in the bitter cold of Colorado for a few days. So the break was needed on many levels. I'm really excited about this week's episode, though, and I think you'll see why. 

We've said it previously on the show: There are great apps out there for listening to podcasts, but there's next to nothing by way of discovering new apps that are actually good, short of word of mouth.

Niels de Hoog and Katie Macoy saw the same problem. There are great podcasts out there that everyone knows, but how much good content are we missing on a regular basis? Luckily, they happen to be iOS developers, and they happen to be dating. The logical conclusion: spend their free time making their first app together: Podcats. Podcats is a podcast discovery app-- so far as I can tell the first of its kind-- that allows users to share and up-vote shows that they like. It's kind of like the podcast version of the Reddit front page. Popular shows rise to the top, and you can pretty quickly see what people are listening to and liking any given week. 

Niels and Katie were incredibly generous in this interview, and were a joy to talk to. Plus they're from Amsterdam, and their accents are fantastic. To check out their app, you can look them up in the iTunes App Store (no Android yet, sorry), or check out their website! (http://podcatsapp.com) Drop them a review or comment on iTunes, they'd appreciate it! 

Show Notes:
Working with your significant other? Defining your roles is apparently the trick to not breaking up.
Podcasts are incredibly global, and one of the things that Podcats is trying to solve is that people (no matter where they're from) are only really familiar with the big-budget podcasts like This American Life. What non-English shows do you listen to?
Apple provides a search API that you can use to look for Podcasts in your app: https://www.apple.com/itunes/affiliates/resources/documentation/itunes-store-web-service-search-api.html
Niels wrote the app using Objective-C, but Apple's got a new programming language called "Swift" that they're really proud of. (https://developer.apple.com/swift/) They make it look pretty fun, so maybe check it out if you're interested in learning about iOS app development.
Podcats actually keeps an up-to-date database of their podcasts on their own server, allowing for faster (and more accurate) searching for the podcast you want.
Podcasts are funny because we kind of want to say, "FUCK THE MAN!!!" (the man being iTunes), but we kind of need the man to make listening to podcasts work well. One day, maybe there will be many podcast providers and many podcast aggregates, lessening our reliance on a big corporation as the backbone of the system?
Katie brought up a really good point of starting with a minimal viable product for your app-- start small, so you can get your app out there, and based on public interest you can decide to grow the app where necessary.
If you're looking for an interesting podcast community, I recommend checking out the podcasts subreddit (http://reddit.com/r/podcasts). That's how I discovered podcasts, and there are plenty of people talking about the shows they make and love.
There are some great podcast-player apps out there. For instance: Downcast, Overcast, and Castro.
Support Podcats by downloading it and recommending it to friends! The more people use it, the more fun it will be for everyone.

Shows We Talk About:
This American Life
Planet Money

Niels and Katie's Recommendations:
Planet Money
The Bugle
This American Life
Love + Radio
Core Intuition
"Pretty Much Every NPR Podcast"
Dan Carlin's Hardcore History

I'll say it one more time, go use Podcats! It's a lot of fun, and you can find some new interesting podcasts through it. That website once again is: http://podcatsapp.com

Next week, I'll be chatting with Craig Shank and George Drake Jr. of Everything Sounds, a show about sound design in important and unexpected places. Check it out and tune in next week! http://everythingsounds.org

Keep listening to podcasts!

06. Travel Podcasts with Lauren Lark

A photographer who's appeared in magazines such as Portland Monthly and Travel Portland, and is showing in the Steven Goldman Gallery all this month, Lauren Lark exemplifies her unique aesthetic in every aspect of her life.

She also happens to be my girlfriend, which is pretty neat. 

This week, Lauren and I are headed to Colorado! Not to get high, just visiting family-- but it gave us an excuse to talk about travel and podcasts we listen to on the road (or in the air, in this case). Lauren and I adore road trips, and bring a hefty list of podcasts along on each one we take. They act as conversation starters, pleasant silence-fillers, and educational resources as we watch miles and miles of pavement woosh past. Today, I ask Lauren about the podcast she listens to in her busy schedule, how to listen to podcasts on the road, and she gives some recommendations for shows you and your significant other can get into together.


Show Notes:
You can follow Lauren's photography work on her website, or on Twitter!
We're drinking Elysian Night Owl Pumpkin Ale. It's fuckin' delicious.
Immediately after recording, Lauren shouted, "Shit! I forgot to recommend Sawbones!" She really likes Sawbones, and says that if you're going on a road trip, download the entire catalog and enjoy it.

Shows We Mention:
This American Life
Welcome to Night Vale
My Brother My Brother And Me
How to Do Everything
Wait! Wait! ... Don't Tell Me!
Song Exploder
Savage Lovecast
Stop Podcasting Yourself
Thrilling Adventure Hour
The Truth
99% Invisible
Benjamen Walker's Theory of Everything
You Made It Weird
Destination DIY

Lauren's Recommendations:
Welcome to Night Vale
Savage Lovecast
99% Invisible
The Truth

04. Stephen Schleicher's Artisanal Hero

After teaching and working in tech for over two decades, Stephen Schleicher is finally working full-time at the dream job of his own creation: Major Spoilers. Major Spoilers is a website and podcast network dedicated to comic book and pop culture news and reviews, and includes everything from debates about Batman to Magic The Gathering updates and movie rumors. Nearly 600 episodes into Major Spoilers, and almost 400 in the flagship spin-off Critical Hit, Stephen has built an amazing community around the sheer love of pop culture. 

This episode spans the gamut from cultivating community, combating controversy, and building a business around a podcast. Stephen brings a lot of practical knowledge and wisdom to the table, and talking to him was a joy. You can find Stephen and Major Spoilers at MajorSpoilers.com, or on Twitter @MajorSpoilers!

Show Notes:
- There are twelve shows on the Major Spoilers site, ten of which are updated each week. They are: Critical Hit, Dueling Review, Finally Friday, Geek History Lesson, The Magic Minute, Major Spoilers, Munchkin Land, Top Five, The Want List, Wayne's Comics, Zach on Film, and Zach Plays.
- I feel like I got awkward about age-- I'm 23, if anyone cares.
- Stephen recently taught a class on Star Wars and Popular Culture, which you can hear more about on the MS website. 
- Major Spoilers was in the top ten of the 2013 Podcast Awards in the Cultural/Arts category. They lost to This American Life. 
- Note to college kids: Minor in Business. 

Non-Major Spoilers Shows We Mention:
- Drunks and Dragons
- Roll for Initiative
- Wizard's of the Coast's D&D Podcast
- Thrilling Adventure Hour
- Decoder Ring Theater
- Welcome to Night Vale
- Pseudopod

Shows Stephen's Listening To ("too many!"):
- The Adam Carolla Network
- The Nerdist Podcast Network
- Joe Rogan
- Coverville
- The Frogpants Network
- Decoder Ring Theater
- Welcome to Night Vale

Major Spoilers has a really great page listing each level of production they do. It's a great resource if you're an audio geek or have been working on your podcast for a while. For beginners, he recommends starting with whatever works for you (like the oft-mentioned Blue Snowball). 

Other Shows to Check Out This Week: 
Song Exploder and TLDR.

Song Exploder, hosted by Hrishikesh Hirway is a show that takes a song and analyzes each part of it individually, while interviewing its creator. This week's episode features the song "Go" by Valley Lodge-- a song that you might recognize as the theme to John Oliver's "Last Week Tonight."

TLDR is a rare example of quality short-form news podcasting, which is going to be making a few adjustments in the coming weeks, as long-time hosts PJ and Alex step down. The selections are always top-notch, and this week's episode "Ask Leah" is no exception. Want to know what it's like to write sex advice for fifteen-year-old boys at a video game magazine? Ask Leah. 

03. Daniel Cordova's Entirely Separate Peanut Butter and Jelly Half-Sandwiches

Daniel Cordova's Entirely Separate Peanut Butter and Jelly Half-Sandwiches.

Adult language warning! This episode is much more relaxed than the previous two, and we turn into potty-mouthed sailors more than once. If you're averse to that sort of thing, you can skip this episode.

This week's episode is a chat with Daniel Cordova! Daniel is not just one of the hosts on the very funny BLIPcast, but is an old friend of mine that I haven't spoken to in a very long time. So yes, half of this episode is just an excuse for us to touch base again, but THE OTHER half is really good, I swear. We spend a lot of time talking about the state of podcasts, where they're going and what people do with them, I think it's really fun and informative. Listen to it, dammit! 

Talking with Daniel reminded me of something very important, that I had unfortunately forgotten: podcasts are FUN! I would be remiss if I didn't remind you of that every now and then. Yes, podcasts can be lucrative and you can make a career doing them, but THERE ARE LITERALLY NO RULES! You can make them whatever you want! You CAN make that podcast that's a minute of silence. NO ONE WILL STOP YOU!

A) If all podcasts sound the same, we all lose.

B) If you're having fun making your podcast, guess what? YOU'RE A SUCCESSFUL PODCASTER! 

C) DO IT NOW. If you make a podcast, any kind of podcast, I will have you on the show.

If you don' t make a podcast and you're interested in being on this podcast, I'm trying to wrangle a few people together to do a sort of listener's panel, to talk about the podcasts we like, why we like them, what people who are new to podcasting should look for, etc. etc. Tweet at me @loveofpodcasts if that sounds like fun to you! I'd love to have you on. 

If you're looking for another show to listen to this week, make it Harmontown! Harmontown has long been a favorite of mine, and this week is excellent. This week, guest Gilbert Gottfriedt plays D&D for the first time, the gang tackles racism and blind people, and it really is just two hours of being funny. Get into it. 

Show Notes:
- The Adam Carolla copyright incident we cite is Personal Audio v. Adam Carolla. Read more about on The Verge: http://www.theverge.com/2014/8/20/6048303/patent-troll-drops-suit-against-adam-carolla
- The best kind of podcast is the podcast that you (that's you, the person reading this right now) likes. There's no right or wrong.
- We talk a lot about Dungeons and Dragons, I know. Don't be a nerd about it.
- Daniel's interview with the lead singer of Clutch can be found in the compilation book "That Devil Music"
- Daniel writes for MetalInjection.net, and his radio show is every Friday at 5pm PST on KSSU.com.
- Correction: I do not, in fact, speak for the hipsters.

BLIPcast Episodes We Talk About:
- Guy Love
- Guy Love 2
- This Doesn't Sound Like My House

Shows We Talk About:
- Never Not Funny
- Professor Blast-Off
- Jordan, Jesse GO!
- The Nerdist (Specifically "Hostfuls", even more specifically, "The Full Chort")
- Nerd Poker
- Mi-Ray or the Highway
- Pop My Culture
- Totally Lame
- Doug Loves Movies
- Comedy Bang! Bang!
- U2 Talkin' U2 Me?

- M-Audio Interface into Magix
- Daniel edits in Adobe Audition

Audio Notes:
- Recording over Skype is hard. At present, I use SoundFlower and Audacity to record the other side of the call, while recording myself in GarageBand. If you know of a better way, let me know!
- The rustling you hear is the sound of Daniel's glorious beard.

See you next week! Keep listening to podcasts.

02. Jason Snell's Overstuffed Sub

Welcome to episode two! 
To keep up with the show, follow us on the website or on twitter. The website will be updated very soon with some cool features. 
This week's episode is an interview with Jason Snell. Jason is a very prolific tech writer and podcaster, you can currently find his writing at sixcolors.com, and his podcasts pretty much anywhere on the internet. He runs The Incomparable Network, a network of pop-culture-minded podcasts at TheIncomparable.com, and he hosts two additional podcasts over on Relay.FM

Show Notes:
- Jason wrote a pretty good piece about working for and leaving Macworld for The Verge, as part of their Macworld retrospective.
- Jason is on: "The Incomparable," "Upgrade", "Clockwise", "Total Party Kill", "TeeVee", and "TV Talk Machine"
- 5by5 is a podcast network found at http://5by5.tv
- Relay FM is another podcast network which hosts shows like Upgrade, Clockwise and The Pen Addict. It can be found at http://relay.fm
- The Incomparable Network's website has a really awesome topic index
- The "1,000 True Fans" theory was coined by Kevin Kelly, publishing of Cool Tools and founding editor of Wired Magazine. Kevin recently spoke at XOXO in Portland about those things. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1cmnizKPlk)

Episodes from Jason's podcasts that we talked about:
- You Need an Agent of Chaos (The Incomparable Ep. 213)
- A MacGyver in the Making (The Incomparable Ep. 212)
- These Are All Good Ideas (The Incomparable Ep. 211)
- Princess Indiana Jones (The Incomparable Ep. 102) 
- Top Men (Incomparable Ep. 8) 

- Blue Yeti ($106 on Amazon)
- The Incomparable's Gear Page is amazing. (http://theincomparable.com/gear)

What Jason's listening to:
- The Flophouse
- Accidental Tech Podcast
- The Bugle
- Random Trek
- The Audio Guide to Babylon 5
- Verity
- LOST Rewatch Podcast
- The X-Files Files

Thanks again to Lauren Lark for the photos and graphic design for the show, check out her work at LaurenLarkPhoto.com

I'm also incredibly excited to thank Audible.com for supporting this podcast! In case you've been living under a rock for ten years and this is the first podcast you've ever heard, Audible.com is the leading provider of spoken word entertainment. If you've heard an audiobook recently or even know what an audiobook is, it's likely thanks to Audible.com. Audible is offering a FREE thirty-day trial offer plus one FREE audiobook to listeners of For the Love of Pod[casts], all you have to do is go to AudibleTrial.com/LoveOfPodcasts and sign up for the free trial. Really, it's a win-win. You get something completely free, I get a little kickback from Audible. If you like this show, please please consider supporting it by signing up for this free trial. All the proceeds from it will go right back into the production of the show. 

If you make music or have a band that makes music, I would love to feature it as intro/outro music on the show! The music you hear under my voice right now was made hastily in GarageBand, and I would really rather show off cool music made by my cool and impossibly attractive listeners. If you'd like your music to be heard by other cool people, send me an email at tyler@fortheloveofpodcasts.com

That's also a great email to reach me at if you'd like to talk about the show. I really do want to make this a community thing. I've been toying around with the idea of making the site a bit more of a podcast social network, where you can post links to shows you like and talk about why-- sort of a universal, podcast fan-club-- but I DEFINITELY cannot do that without help. So please get in touch with me there or on twitter at @loveofpodcasts if you're so inclined.

01. Jeff Rubin's Bologna & Pickles

Holy shit, it’s a podcast! Welcome to episode one of For the Love of Pod[casts], a podcast about podcasts and how people make them. This week, I had the immense pleasure of having a Skype conversation Jeff Rubin of the Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show all about his show, how it got started roughly three years ago, and all the things that go into making it such a great show. If you haven’t heard of Jeff Rubin, I recommend starting at episode 3 of his podcast, and going from there. He interviews people who, as he puts it in this episode, “you didn’t know you wanted to hear.” Check out the show’s website (http://jeffrubinjeffrubinshow.com) and follow him on twitter at @JeffRubinShow. You will not regret it. 

This is my first podcast episode ever, and a lot of my nervousness shows in the episode. There were a lot of things that I learned just making it, and even now I can tell you that the podcast will only improve from here. If you have comments or questions about the show and how it’s made, get a hold of me on Twitter at @loveofpodcasts, or email me at tyler@fortheloveofpodcasts.com.

Show Notes:
- I had a brain-fart while recording the outro, and mis-spoke when I said his twitter handle. It is @JeffRubinShow, NOT @jeffrubin. I will be fixing that today.
- Jeff’s College Humor interview w/ the quadriplegic gamer is titled "Nerd Alert: Enabling Disabled Gamers” (http://www.collegehumor.com/video/6537364/nerd-alert-enabling-disabled-gamers)
- Archived enhanced episodes of the podcast are available on Jeff’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/jeffrubinjeffrubin
- We talked about Alec Baldwin’s discontinued podcast “Here’s the Thing,” which you can still find on iTunes.
- A correction: Jesse Thorn’s catchphrase is “Every great radio host has a signature sign-off."

Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show Episodes We Talked About:
- Settlers of Catan Creator Klaus Teuber (Episode #16)
- US Memory Champion (Episode #94)
- Game of Thrones Linguist David Peterson (Episode #30) 
- Legends of the Hidden Temple host Kirk Fogg (Episode #5)
- Weird Al’s Manager Jay Levey (Episode #61)
- Scott of Scott’s Pizza Tours (Episode #3)

- Jeff previously used Final Cut Pro, and now uses Adobe Premiere to edit his shows
- Jeff uses a Shure 87A for himself (it’s good with middle/low toned voices) & SM58s for his guests. 
- Jeff previously used a Zoom H4 and a small mixer for recording podcasts, and now uses a Zoom H6. The H6 allows for more flexibility when producing a show, as it has gain knobs for each of the four inputs, as opposed to the clicky controls for the H4’s two inputs.

What Jeff’s Listening To:
- WTF with Marc Maron
- You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes
- Kumail Nanjiani’s The X-Files Files
- Savage Lovecast
- The Dissolve
- The Daily Show
- Slate’s many podcasts
- Streeter Seidell’s The Talk of Shame
- 99% Invisible
- The Pen Addict
- Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Some Audio Nerd Notes:
- There is some road noise in the background. Streets happen, get over it.
- There is a little bit of popping towards the end, which I believe were created by either Skype or Audacity. Shut up, audio nerds! I’ll figure it out for the next episode.

Super special thanks again to Lauren Lark for all the artwork used for the show! Her website is http://laurenlarkphoto.com