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New Dice Bags!

Lately I’ve been getting back into making chainmail with some dice bags! They’re all for personal use at the moment, though I might try selling a few if I get industrious.

Here’s a batch I made for my D&D group, each based on a particular character (and a large one for the DM).

Each one was made with ~900 5mm aluminium rings in varying colours, with the bigger bag using 6.4mm rings in the same pattern. The cords are a bungee paracord, with small cord locks on each so they stay closed. The smaller ones hold around 21 standard-sized RPG dice, and the larger holds more dice than I currently own, though probably close to twice the others.

Then for my own use, I finally made the dice bag I’ve always wanted:

It uses a few less rings than the other designs (total is ~820) to maintain the sphere, and while the button was a pain in the ass to work out (literally a round peg/square hole scenario), it has a great pop-out effect that really makes it feel like a PokéBall. I may have to use it with my Pokémon MotW hack?

What other patterns should I try?

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