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Storytelling game for Teenagers With Attitude!

A few weeks back, I wrote into one of my favorite podcasts, Teenagers With Attitude. It's a wonderful weekly Power Rangers recap podcast, which some people may recognize as one of the inspirations for You Activated My Podcast!. I wrote in because I'd finally made good on a promise that I thought I had made a year ago-- turns out, I'd written to them nearly two years ago to the day, commenting on the announcement of Rita Repulsa's wardrobe for the then-upcoming Power Rangers reboot movie. At the end of my email way back when, I'd mentioned that I was working up a since-abandoned role-playing game called "SPEEDPUNKS", based on a since-abandoned inside joke in the show. 

"SPEEDPUNKS", which was going to be a Rangers-inspired mess of kicking and driving and monsters and rolling far more dice than can be held in two hands, was put on hold after a time as the Power Rangers Hyperforce RPG and Hyper RPG Twitch streams were announced last year. It didn't seem to me that there was really a need for two Power Rangers role-playing games to exist in the world at one time.

Then about a month ago I was going through some old files, and realized that that was fucking bullshit, and I could do whatever I wanted. And I'll be damned if these weird folks didn't deserve a game that represented their (in their words) unique brand of bullshit. So I made one, and sent it to them, and I'm really proud of it. 

The game is aptly titled "Teenagers With Attitude", and it's a pseudo-role-playing, story-telling game for 3-6 players, in which you collaboratively create and tell a new episode of Power Rangers. You can listen to the podcast episode where they talk about it here, and download the 3-page PDF of the rules here. While it does help to be a fan of the podcast before playing the game, it should be fun even if you're just a fan of Mighty Morphin'. 

I hope you enjoy! Please go listen to the podcast, and may the Power protect you, always.