Sonnenwind Overview

Sonnenwind is a micro-RPG based on the Cosmic Ordering concept developed by Bärbel Mohr in 1995, and first outlined in a German magazine also called Sonnenwind. The game proposes that instead of outline numbered attributes or assigning dice to actions that a character may take, we should instead ask the characters what they want. The more they want something, the more likely they are to achieve it. 

The game is currently in a "Playtesting" phase, and while the rules for play are fairly fleshed out for players, my hope is to add much more documentation for running the game before calling it a full release. The PDF of the current iteration of the game's rules can be downloaded here:

PDF Download

If you play the game and have thoughts, I invite you to leave a comment here, or fill out the feedback form on the main Sonnenwind page:

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SonnenwindTyler Robertson