copied from twitter:

Been struggling with a lot of impostor syndrome stuff lately, really feeling like I'm not qualified to be doing this or that…

Today, though, I started listening to bits from my first podcast, where I interviewed other podcasters about their methods. I used to be really bad at podcasting. To be fair, I'm still bad at it, but it's fun to see how far I've come over the last five years, even just in my ability to talk to people. For example, you can listen to my interview with @dearestscooter, which is still maybe one of my favourite projects ever: (…)

He reminded me that it's not always about chasing that thing that makes the most "business sense", but bringing joy and safe spaces to the people you care about, and a part of that is practicing and being "bad" at something for a while, doing your best to get better over time.

I'd like to get back to doing an interview show, now that I've had more practice in the medium. Is that a thing anyone would enjoy? Who do you want to hear from?