An Update on my "Simplified D&D" 5e Hack

A while back I wrote (potentially too much) about the benefits of using a micro-RPG to “ramp up” new players into Dungeons & Dragons. After a bit more play-testing and chatting with other players, I’m happy to say that it’s worked out much better than I originally anticipated. There’s now an online character creator, and a moderately cleaned-up version of the PDF that I’ll call the “living document”:

The character creator doesn’t yet have a save function, partially because I wrote it on a plane, and partially because I just don’t know how. But! It did let us get from zero-to-roleplay in about five minutes, which is the intended effect.

Other notable changes include the advanced training section, the optional “combat intelligence” rule, and a bit of an introduction to the doc (which I may still go back and clean up or add to). To my knowledge, no one else has run the game using these rules yet, but just from personal experience, the Dungeon Master’s guide at the end still feels pretty good.

If you have friends or loved ones who want to play D&D but do not have the time or wherewithal, I hope you give this a shot!