My first published Chrome extension!

Dealing with some downtime today, I decided to finally go through the process of publishing a Google Chrome extension, just to go through the steps. A half-hour later, behold! The fruits of my labor:

Inspired by the Do By Friday podcast, I made a new-tab extension that gives you a new challenge each week, on top of your own to-do list. It's simple, but, I like that. 

A few notes about the publishing process:

1. There are a bunch of things that you can add to your extension's manifest, and I didn't have a lot of the ones I ended up wanting (like "author", for instance). I recommend reading through the full list here:

2. First-time app uploads cost $5.00, then you can upload 20 apps or extensions. Not super surprising, but something to keep in mind. I can definitely see the argument where one or two in-app purchases help pay off the initial cost (and then some).

3. I'm really bad at creating promo images for things I code! Everything there, including the logo, is a screenshot of the screen. Next up on my list of things to do should be working on simple logo design (in general, not just for this project). 

If you use Tab By Friday, let me know!


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