It me

Hi! I’m Tyler.

A friend once called me “If algebra were a person”, and I loved it, so I’m keeping it. Fuck I love algebra.

I am California-born, Oregon-steaded, now residing in Durham, County Durham, England. I share my tiny flat with my partner Lauren (a conservator) and our dog Pepper (a miniature dachshund and professional lounger).

If you’ve spent any time here, you’ve seen my bad habit for trying a bit of everything. My goal, usually, is to create simple solutions for problems people didn’t know they had. I try to do that using simple methods that can be shared and replicated, and document that process here.

In my career, this habit has resulted in developing various productivity tools, which have been described as “Wonderful,” “Life-changing,” and (I’m not making this one up), “I love this more than my own child.”

If you like making things, sharing things, or talking about things, hit me up using any of the options below, I’d love to chat.